Paid Maternity (Childbirth) and Parental Leaves

Applies to: All Regular Faculty and Staff, except those represented by a bargaining unit, and Postdoctoral Research Fellows

This SPG is effective September 1, 2018. A special eligibility period will apply for new parents who added children to their families shortly before the new benefits took effect. Eligible faculty and staff who welcomed a new child between July 1 and August 31, 2018, may request up to six weeks of parental leave to use within one year of September 1, 2018 -August 31, 2019.  Maternity leave is available for births that occur on September 1, 2018, or later.


Fire/Life Safety Programs

Applies to: All faculty, staff, students and visitors

The Department of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) is the delegated authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) for fire safety on University owned properties, and as such is responsible for application and implementation of fire and life safety codes applicable to University facilities and operations.  All faculty, staff, students and

Revisions, New Sections, and Deletions

To help build awareness of and promote compliance with university policy, an email group was created so members of the university community could choose to be updated on new, changed, and decommissioned policies (SPGs).  This is a self-opt-in email group that will receive a quarterly email with a list of policies that changed. Emails will be sent in January, April, July, and October.

To join the email group:

Hierarchy of legal and policy requirements

The Standard Practice Guide applies to the whole institution, but every campus, school, college, and department has unique needs and operations. Individual units may develop policies and procedures to suit their circumstances, provided they remain consistent with SPG requirements and external legal obligations. Below is a hierarchy of the different kinds of legal and policy requirements found at the university: