Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Applies to: All employees, retirees and benefit eligible dependents


The University recognizes that faculty or staff members may experience issues of daily living, display behavioral problems or have other difficulties that may affect their work and personal lives.  Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services will be provided at no cost to provide emotional support, assessment, information, problem resolution and, if necessary, referral to other resources that can serve as an aid to the individual(s) seeking help. 


A.  TIME OFF:  Paid release time is available to employees attending the initial EAP assessment session when a mutually convenient time has been pre-arranged with a supervisor or department chair.  When additional sessions are desired or when an individual wishes to attend an EAP assessment session without the knowledge of his or her department, the individual may schedule the meeting on his or her own time or may request the use of accrued vacation time (See SPGs 201.64-0 and 201.64-1). 

B.  CONFIDENTIALITYEAP counseling and consultation services are confidential.  The release of information can only occur with the faculty or staff member’s written permission, except for the following reasons where it may be necessary to share information on a need to know basis:

  1. If a client threatens to harm him/herself or others or discloses that s/he has done serious physical harm to another individual.

  2. If a client tells the counselor about physical and/or sexual abuse of a child or vulnerable adult (an adult who is not able to make an informed choice, example: an adult with a developmental disability).

  3. If a Court orders release of the information.

C.   RECORD MAINTENANCE:  All records are maintained solely by the EAP(s) and are not part of a client’s medical or personnel record.

D.  EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Employees will not have their employment status jeopardized or be discriminated against because they either seek or receive assistance from the University’s EAP(s) and/or treatment from a professional resource.  However, in cases where performance or conduct warrants disciplinary action, termination or discharge, seeking or receiving treatment should not be construed as an acceptable substitute.

  For additional Information, please visit the EAP websites:

 For central and regional campuses:  www.umich.edu/~fasap

 For UMHS:  http://eap.med.umich.edu  

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All employees, retirees and benefit eligible dependents
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