Real Estate Transactions

Applies to: All Employees
  1. Policy

    Regents Bylaw 3.07 says it is the exclusive province of the Board of Regents to acquire and sell real estate for the University.


Payments/Reimbursements to Students for Non-Employment Purposes

Applies to: All payments to students when the payments are for non-employment purposes
  1. Purpose

    This Standard Practice Guide outlines the policy for payments to students from academic or other units when the payments are for non-employment purposes.

    To comply with US Department of Education regulations, student payments, awards, prizes, and gifts for academic pursuits or achievements must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid when paid for non-employment purposes.

    This policy covers all payments, awards, prizes, and gifts for academic pursuits or achievement.


Reduction in Force

Applies to: Regular Staff who are on open-ended appointments with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    1. The University endeavors to provide stable employment. However, situations such as a lack of funds, lack of work, or reorganization may require a reduction in the work force.

Protective Clothing and Equipment

Applies to: Regular Staff
  1. Policy

    The University will provide protective clothing and equipment when required to fulfill the job requirements as determined by the University.


Grievance Procedure and Dispute Resolution

Applies to: Regular and temporary staff members, except those covered by the Faculty Appeal Procedure for Schools, Colleges, and other academic units, and those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    An employee will be afforded the opportunity to file a grievance on matters associated with the employee’s employment relationship with the University or to enter into a dispute resolution process to facilitate resolving misunderstandings and maintain positive work relationships. An allegation that an employee’s rights under this policy have been violated also will be subject to review under the grievance procedure.


Appointment of Relatives or Others with Close Personal or External Business Relationships; Procedures to assure Equal Opportunity and to Avoid the Possibility of Favoritism (Nepotism)

Applies to:
  1. Policy

    The basic criteria for appointment and promotion of all University staff shall be appropriate qualifications and performance.  Relationship to another individual employed by the University shall constitute neither an advantage nor a deterrent to appointment by the University, provided the individual meets and fulfills the appropriate University appointment standards.



Applies to: Regular, non-exempt staff with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    Non-exempt staff members will be paid overtime compensation at one-and one-half times the staff member's regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a calendar week (See Exceptions, Sec. II. D.).

  2. Regulations and Definitions

    1. Non-exempt

      Non-exempt staff members are those employees who do not meet the exemption standards of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.



Applies to: All Faculty and Staff
  1. Policy

    The University, in its employment and human resource policies and practices, will not discriminate against any individual because of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status, except as allowed by the need for bona fide occupational qualifications. Reasonable accommodation will also be provided to persons with disabilities, to disabled veterans, and to accommodate religious practices.


Solicitations, Collections, and Donations

Applies to: All Staff Groups
  1. Policy

    In order to minimize personal inconvenience and interference with orderly operations, no employee shall sell, solicit or promote subscriptions, pledges, memberships or other types of support for any drives, campaigns, causes or organizations on University property during working time.