Violence in the University Community

Applies to: All Faculty, Staff, Contractors, Students, and Visitors
  1. Policy

The University is committed to maintain an environment that is safe and free from violence and will not tolerate violent and threatening behavior.  All University community members share the responsibility and are expected to maintain a climate of behavior that does not foster acts of violence, threats, and aggression. 



Applies to: All Regular Employees with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    Individuals previously employed by the University in a benefits eligible regular full or part time position may apply for reemployment, reinstatement, or crediting of prior service under the following conditions:


Withholding of Services

Applies to: All employees
  1. Policy

    The University cannot make payments of wages and salaries to individuals who choose to withhold the services for which they are employed. In the event of a strike, it is possible that some individuals will decide to withhold all or part of their service; in which case the following general rules will apply:


Garnishments, Tax Levies and Assignments

Applies to: All regular faculty and staff members
  1. Policy

    Staff members are expected to manage their personal financial affairs in a manner which prevents involving the University in legal proceedings and unnecessary expenses through garnishments, tax levies and other collection devices.

    Garnishments, tax levies, and other collection devices will not be considered cause for termination of employment.


Employment of Students

Applies to: All staff with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    Employment of students is encouraged to support their financial and educational needs, and to provide work experience that will assist them as they enter the regular workforce. Students will normally be placed into jobs that are seasonal, irregular, or sporadic and are considered supplementary to the regular workforce.


Performance Management

Applies to: Regular Staff with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    Performance management is a system, not a single annual event. The primary purpose of a performance management system is to align performance to University objectives and achieve results. High levels of performance are achieved through clarification of expectations by managers, employee commitment and engagement, monitoring behavior and outcomes, provision of necessary resources, on-going feedback and planning for continuous development.


Military Reserve Duty Pay

Applies to: Regular Employees with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    Employees members shall be granted time off work without loss of their regular compensation or any loss of their fringe benefits in order to participate in Military Reserve or National Guard Training Programs or for service required as a result of civil disorder or other emergency.


Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Applies to: Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows

I. Policy

Since postdoctoral research training is a valuable educational path for scholars in certain academic fields, the University provides opportunities for individuals to be appointed as Research Fellows or Senior Research Fellows while receiving such training.  Each Fellow’s hiring unit should assign a tenured or tenure track instructional or research faculty member to provide mentorship to him or her.

 II.  Regulations and Definitions

A.  Titles and Term of Appointments