Use and Release of Donor and Alumni Information

Applies to: All Departments and Units of the University
  1. Policy

    This policy governs the use and release of all information about alumni and donors of the University of Michigan.  Such information is considered institutional data as defined in Standard Practice Guide 601.12 “Institutional Data Resource Management Policy”.  The University of Michigan owns this information as a University asset and the Vice President for Development is responsible for maintaining it (Regents Bylaw 2.09).  This policy OUD is applicable to all campuses and facilities of the University of Michigan.

Prospect Coordination

Applies to: All UM Staff/Faculty Engaged in Fund Raising

I.           Background


Gift Acceptance

Applies to: All Departments and Units of the University
  1. Policy

    The solicitation and acceptance of private gifts and gift commitments or pledges, including support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and associations, is governed by the Bylaws of the University Board of Regents.  This authority applies without qualification to the schools, colleges, regional campuses, and all other units of the University of Michigan, and to all members of the University community who might solicit or receive gifts in the University’s name.

Funeral Time

Applies to: All Regular Faculty and Staff (with the exception of those respresented by a bargaining unit)
  1. Policy

    In the case of death in an employee's immediate family, the University provides up to three days (a maximum of 24 hours) paid time off work for the employee to attend the funeral or memorial services and to make necessary arrangements. If additional time is needed, accrued vacation time, Paid Time Off, or excused absence without pay may be requested.