Imprest Cash Funds

Applies to: All departments and units of the university

I.  Policy

Imprest Cash Funds may be advanced to departments for change funds or, in certain limited circumstances, for petty cash to fill specific needs.


Proper Use of Security Cameras

Applies to: All Faculty, Staff, and Students

I.  Overview

The University of Michigan seeks to provide its community with a safe and secure environment.  When successfully deployed, security camera systems enhance overall campus safety and security, deter crime, and otherwise support the protection of people and property.  A security camera is defined as video surveillance technology that records people’s activities in order to detect, deter, prevent, or investigate crime or other threats to public safety.


Security of Personally Owned Devices That Access or Maintain Sensitive Institutional Data

Applies to: All Faculty and Staff

I.  Overview

When conducting University activities, it may at times be necessary for University employees, agents, affiliates or workforce members to access or maintain sensitive institutional data on personally owned devices.  There is often risk of data loss or unauthorized access when sensitive data is accessed or maintained via self-managed personally owned devices. 


Background Screening

Applies to: Faculty; Postdoctoral Research Fellows (employee trainees); Staff (Regular and Temporary); GSIs; GSSAs; and GSRAs

Policy Content:  It is important that the University's academic, research, patient care and service missions are supported by qualified employees and appointees with a safe and secure environment for all University constituents, including students, visitors, patients and employees.   This policy is intended to support the verification of credentials, criminal history[1], and other information related to employment and appointment decisions that assist the Universit