Center for Continuing Education of Women

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  1. Policy

    The Center for Continuing Education of Women is a comprehensive center with three major objectives:

    1. To help women enter and stay in the mainstream of higher education and professional preparation;
    2. To help the University eliminate institutional barriers to equity in education and employment; to make issues of equity for women clear and of higher institutional priority;
    3. To monitor changing issues for women in education and employment and to do research and disseminate findings on these issues.
  2. Services and activities of interest for University use and referral include:

    1. Individual counseling by appointment and by drop-in.
    2. Liaison function across all University schools and departments on behalf of adult women undergraduate and graduate students.
    3. Help with financial emergency assistance for students and annual competitive merit scholarships for women.
    4. Library of educational and occupational materials, as well as reference and loan materials on women’s lives and issues.
    5. Data set on women, an adult development research program, and consultation on research especially in areas of women’s education and employment.
    6. Training of professionals and students preparing for careers in areas relevant to the Center mission and expertise.
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