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  1. Policy

    The Office of Vice President for Development recognizes that alumni directories are an important tool in alumni relations and provide a valuable benefit to alumni of the University of Michigan. When producing alumni directories, the University wishes to protect alumni information to the fullest extent permitted by law. See SPG section 602.05 Use and Release of Donor and Alumni Information. These policies and procedures apply regardless of where the unit obtains alumni information.

  2. Guidelines

    The Alumni Records Office (ARO), a division of the Office of Vice President for Development (OVPD), will provide the names, addresses, telephone numbers and certain other information pertaining to alumni (alumni information) to the University of Michigan Alumni Association and colleges, schools and regional campuses wishing to publish an alumni directory (publishing unit) in accordance with this policy.

    1. PLANNING A DIRECTORY. The publishing unit shall consult with ARO when planning a directory product. ARO staff will review directory plans including compliance with policies and procedures, methodology, vendor contracts, and coordination of the downloading and uploading of data from the Development Alumni/Constituent (DAC) database system.
    2. VENDOR CONTRACTS. If alumni information will be given to a vendor for purposes of publishing the directory or contacting alumni to update the alumni information, the publishing unit shall consult with ARO prior to entering into a vendor contract. All vendor contracts must be reviewed and approved by the Office of the General Counsel prior to being signed.
      1. If the publishing unit wishes to contract with a vendor, the unit must enter into a written agreement with the vendor that contains the following confidentiality provision:

        “Any information provided to vendor by the University and any information gathered by the vendor regarding the alumni shall remain the property of the University. Vendor shall use the information only for the purposes specifically stated in this agreement. Vendor shall not release, disclose, sell or transfer the information to any third party without the University’s prior written permission, except vendor may be entitled to release information to its vendors with which vendor has signed confidentiality agreements without having to request permission from the University. Within one year after the directory is released, vendor shall destroy or return all copies of the information, in whatever form retained, to the University. Vendor agrees that any of its employees who will have access to the information shall be informed of the terms of this agreement and the employees shall agree in writing to comply with the terms and maintain the confidentiality of the information. Vendor consents to the issuance of an injunction preventing the unauthorized use or release of the information in violation of this agreement.”

      2. Any questions regarding this language should be directed to the Office of the General Counsel.
    3. LANGUAGE REQUIRED IN THE DIRECTORY PUBLICATION. The following information must be placed in the front of the directory in a prominent place in type sufficient to be easily discernible by anyone using the directory:

      “This directory may not be sold, assigned, donated or otherwise transferred to anyone other than an individual listed in the directory. The directory is to be used for individual communications of a personal nature between individuals listed in the directory. Use of the directory for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, using any of the information contained in the directory for any commercial or political mailing is strictly prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement and misappropriation of University property. The information contained in this directory remains the property of the University of Michigan.”

      Proofs of the page containing the notice must be submitted to ARO for approval prior to publication of the directory.

    4. ALUMNI INFORMATION INCLUDED. All living and deceased alumni may be included in the alumni directory with their student names, degrees, schools, and years (student information).
      1. Other information can be included after notifying the alumni by one of the following methods:
        1. EXCLUSION METHOD. Alumni information will be included in a publishing unit’s alumni directory unless the alumni elect to be excluded from the directory. The publishing unit’s proposed mailing or other notification must be submitted to ARO for approval prior to mailing to its alumni.
        2. INCLUSION METHOD. Alumni information will be included in a publishing unit’s alumni directory only after alumni have given their written permission to have it included. The directory shall include only the information authorized by the alumni.
      2. Information, other than student information, should be excluded for alumni who elect to be excluded from the directory, whose mailing is returned as nondeliverable, who missed the deadline due to returned mail, or who are listed in ARO records as “Don’t Give Out Information” or “Don’t Include in Directory”.
    5. PUBLICATION OF ELECTRONIC DIRECTORY IN A CD-ROM OR SIMILAR MEDIUM. Due to security issues, alumni information may not be published in CD-Rom or similar media.
    6. PUBLICATION OF DIRECTORY ON THE INTERNET. Units are strongly encouraged to use the University on-line alumni directory. Units seeking to publish an internet directory outside of the University on-line alumni directory must have permission from the Vice President for Development and must follow the following procedures.
      1. If the data is to be made available to alumni to view or alter their own personal information, a secure ID/password authentication is required to prevent unauthorized access and alteration of alumni information. The secure ID/password may be a University of Michigan uniqname and Kerberos password.
      2. Steps must be taken to ensure that the information cannot be searched or viewed in such a way that would allow any person to capture the entire directory. These steps could include permitting only single names to be searched and viewed, or dividing a larger search (e.g. all alumni in a specified year or who live in a specified city) such that multiple actions are required by the user to view the results (e.g. only display ten names at a time).
      3. The personal alumni information made available or searchable must match the information made available in the traditional printed directory, or as approved by ARO.
      4. People wanting access to information in the directory other than their own must be qualified to receive the printed directory through a secure ID/Password authentication.
      5. In addition to unit administrators, ARO must have access to the directory.
    7. LIMITATIONS ON DISTRIBUTION. The directory in whatever form produced must be distributed only to alumni or Alumni Association members. The directory must not be placed or be accessible in a library or in any other facility that is generally available to the public or anyone other than authorized employees of the University and persons described above who are eligible to receive a copy of or have access to the directory. Measures must be taken to verify the identity of persons who are provided a copy of the directory to make sure they are qualified to receive a copy or access to the directory.
    8. NONCOMPLIANCE. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures for Alumni Directories may result in denial of future access to alumni information and other disciplinary action up to and including termination.
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