Corporate and Foundation Relations

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  1. Purpose

    To develop and implement the University of Michigan’s corporate and foundation relations program, with emphasis on developing new or substantially increased gift commitments from the large, publicly held corporations and professional foundations throughout the United States.

  2. Procedures/Services

    Present the strength and expertise of the University to foundations and corporations as needed, propose programs, and negotiate funding for financial support.

    Develop a comprehensive institutional knowledge and understanding of the philanthropic agendas of public corporations and the program agendas of professional foundations.

    Be aware of and create awareness of total university/industry contacts and linkages regarding development, research, and related activities.

    Provide leadership, advice, and support as necessary, and monitor progress of all schools/colleges and other units corporate and foundation giving programs.

    Cultivate liaison with major professional foundations and corporations to generate good will toward the University.

  3. Policies

    Under the guidelines of the prospect coordination policy as set forth by the Vice President for Development, this office facilitates the development of solicitation priorities among all University units involved in corporate and foundation relations.

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July 15, 1991
Office of the Vice President for Development
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Office of the Vice President for Development