School of Dentistry

ORG Chart for School of Dentistry

Alternative Text Version of School of Dentistry Organization Chart

  • Governing Faculty
    • Executive Committee
      • Dean
        • Academic Affairs Associate Dean
          • Admissions and Student Services Assistant Dean
          • Global and Oral Health Initiatives Director
          • Post-DDS Programs Department Directors
          • Academic Affairs Manage
        • Diversity and Inclusion Assistant Dean
        • Research Associate Dean
          • Fundamental and Clinical Research Manager
          • Contracts and Grants Director
          • Clinical Research Director
          • Research CORES Manager
          • OHS-PHD Programs and Admissions Director *
        • Faculty Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness Associate Dean
          • Informatics Director
          • Faculty Affairs Coordinator
          • Strategic Planning
        • Patient Services and Human Resources Senior Associate Dean
          • Compliance Manager
          • Human Resources Director
          • Patient Services Associate Dean
            • Predoctoral Clinics Director
            • Dental Faculty Associates
            • Community Dental Center
            • Advanced Interdisciplinary Patient Care Director
        • Community Based Collaborative Care and Associate Dean
          • CBCE Associate Director
          • CBCE Coordinator
        • Administrative Leadership Chief of Staff
          • Marketing and Communications Director
          • Facilities Manager
          • Sindecuse Museum Curator
        • Budget and Financial Planning Director
          • Financial Services Manager
          • Clinic Billing Office Manage
        • Development, Alumni Relations, and CDE Executive Director
          • Development Director
          • Alumni Relations
          • Continuing Dental Education
        • Biologic and Materials Sciences Chair/Manager
        • Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics Chair/Manager
        • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Hospital Dentistry Chair/Manager
        • Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Chair/Manager
        • Periodontics and Oral Medicine Chair/Manager
          • Dental Hygiene Director *

* Also report to Academic Affairs.

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Revision Date
August, 2023