Policies by SPG number

SPG Number Policy Title
201.03 Funeral Time
201.04 Summer Appointments - UM Ann Arbor
201.05 Work Rules and Conditions
201.06 Call-Back Pay
201.07 Salary Programs
201.08 Grievance Procedure and Dispute Resolution
201.09 Mediation
201.10 Definitions
201.11-0 Sick Time Pay
201.11-1 Sick Leave Plan – Academic Appointments
201.12 Discipline
201.13 Rules Concerning Regents’ Bylaw 5.09, Tenure, Tenure Review, and Joint or Partial Tenure Appointments
201.14 Employee Assistance Programs – Faculty and Staff Counseling & Consultation Office & the Michigan Medicine Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience
201.15 Fitness for Duty
201.15-01 Temporary Removal of Faculty for Lack of Fitness for Duty
201.17 Employment Oath
201.18 Employment of Non-U.S. Citizens
201.19 Postdoctoral Research Fellows
201.20 Employment of Minors
201.22 Recruitment and Employment
201.23 Appointment of Relatives or Others with Close Personal or External Business Relationships; Procedures to assure Equal Opportunity and to Avoid the Possibility of Favoritism (Nepotism)
201.24 Employment of Students
201.25 Garnishments, Tax Levies and Assignments
201.26-0 Holidays
201.26-1 Season Days
201.27 Emergency Reduction in Operations
201.29 Jury and Witness Pay
201.30 Unpaid Leaves of Absence
201.30-1 Unpaid Leaves of Absence (Instructional)
201.30-2 Sabbatical Leave (Instructional)
201.30-3 Seasonal Leave of Absence
201.30-4 Scholarly Activity Leave
201.30-5 Federal Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements
201.30-6 Paid Maternity (Childbirth) and Parental Leaves
201.31 Lunch Periods
201.33 Military Reserve Duty Pay
201.34 New and Changed Positions
201.34-1 Classification and Appointment of Instructional Faculty
201.35 Non-Discrimination
201.36 On-Call Pay
201.37 Orientation
201.38 Overtime
201.39 Part-Time Employment
201.40 Termination of Employment
201.41 Performance Management
201.43 Probationary Period
201.45 Protective Clothing and Equipment
201.46 Personnel Records - Collection, Retention and Release
201.49 Rehire/Reinstatement
201.51 Remote Location Pay and Reimbursement of Dependent Relocation Costs
201.52 Rest Periods
201.53 Security Clearance
201.55 Shift Premium
201.56 Solicitations, Collections, and Donations
201.57 Temporary Employment
201.60 Career and Professional Development Programs
201.61 Transfer: Promotional, Lateral, and Demotional
201.61-1 Temporary Promotion/Salary Adjustment
201.64-0 Vacation
201.64-1 Vacation (Instructional Staff)
201.65-0 Work Outside the University
201.65-1 Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment
201.67 Work Schedules
201.68 Moving and Relocation Expenses
201.69 Tuition Support Program
201.69-1 Special One-Year Tuition Non-Resident Tuition Differential Grant for Newly Recruited Faculty and Staff Whose Dependents Are Classified as Non-Residents
201.72 Reduction in Force
201.72-1 Reduction in Force (Instructional Staff)
201.73 Short-Term Layoff (Furlough)/Short-Term Effort Reduction
201.78 Unemployment Compensation
201.80 Emeritus/Emerita Titles
201.81 Retirement Furlough
201.82 EEO/Affirmative Action Policy
201.83 Retirement
201.85 Non-Appointment Related University Compensation
201.88 Notice of Non-reappointment
201.89-1 Discrimination and Harassment
201.90 Duty Off-Campus
201.91 Distinguished University Professorships
201.92 Tenure Probationary Period: Effects on Tenure Clock of Childbearing and Dependent Care Responsibilities
201.93 Modified Duties for New Parents
201.94 Weapon Possession
201.95 Background Screening
201.96 Professional Standards for Faculty
201.97 Supervisor-Employee Relationships
202.01 Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) Tax Withholding
203.01 Basic Long-Term Disability Plan
203.01-1 Expanded Long-Term Disability Plan
203.02 Health and Welfare Benefits
203.05 Retirement Savings Plan
301.03 Center for the Education of Women+ (CEW+)
301.05 Institute of Gerontology
302.06 Michigan Historical Collections - Acquisitions
302.07 Michigan Historical Collections – Reference
303.01 Openness in Research Grants, Contracts, and Agreements
303.02 Facilities and Administrative Costs
303.03 Policy Statement on the Integrity of Scholarship
303.04 University of Michigan Technology Transfer Policy
303.05 Policy for Research with Human Participants
303.06 Research Data Stewardship Policy
402.01 International Services, Programs and Responsibilities
409.01 University Housing
500.01 Fiscal Responsibilities
501.05 Accounts Receivable
501.07 Research Subject Incentives
501.08 Lump Sum Advances
501.09 Policy on Retroactive Salary Distribution Changes
501.10 Policy on Effort Certification
501.11 University Investments and Endowment Funds
501.12 Awards, Gifts, and Prizes
502.03 Michigan Sales and Use Tax
502.04 Sales of Goods and Services to Non-University Entities and Federal Unrelated Business Income (UBI)
505.01 Internal Audit Charter
507.01 Procurement General Policies
507.02 Imprest Cash Funds
507.10-1 Travel and Business Hosting Expense Policy
510.01 Division of Public Safety and Security
514.04 Tech Tools: Cell Phones and Portable Electronic Resources
515.01 U. S. and Campus Mail Procedures
518.01 Payroll Controls
519.01 Treasury Services: Banking, Debt Issuance and Credit Card Acceptance
519.02 Workers’ Disability Compensation
519.03 Cash Management Policies
520.01 Acquisition, Use, and Disposition of Property (Exclusive of Real Estate)
601.01 Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression
601.02 Discontinuance of Academic Programs
601.02-1 Procedure to Update University Records in the Case of Inactive Academic Programs
601.03-3 Software Procurement and Licensing Compliance
601.04 Tobacco Free University Premises
601.07 Responsible Use of Information Resources
601.08 University Archives and Records*
601.08-1 Identification, Maintenance, and Preservation of Digital Records Created by University of Michigan
601.09 Defense and Indemnification
601.11 Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access Records
601.12 Institutional Data Resource Management Policy
601.13 Identification and Access Control Cards/Identification Photos
601.15 Internet Addressing: IP Address Standards at the University of Michigan
601.15-1 Domain Name System Standards at the University of Michigan
601.16 Electronic Access to Potentially Offensive Materials
601.17 Commercial Notetaking
601.18 Violence in the University Community
601.19 Identity Misrepresentation
601.20 Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility
601.21 Parking and Transportation Services
601.22 Prohibitions Regarding Sexual, Romantic, Amorous, and/or Dating Relationships Between Teachers and Learners
601.22-1 Employee-Student Relationships
601.23 Real Estate Transactions
601.24 Delegation of Authority to Bind the University to External Agreements on Business and Financial Matters
601.25 Information Security Incident Reporting
601.27 Information Security
601.28 Who Holds Copyright at or in Affiliation with the University of Michigan
601.29 Alcohol and Other Drug Policy
601.30 Payments/Reimbursements to Students for Non-Employment Purposes
601.31 International Travel Policy
601.32 External Entity Contracts for Central Administration Services or Resources
601.33 Security of Personally Owned Devices That Access or Maintain Sensitive Institutional Data
601.34 Children on Campus
601.35 Development of University Policy
601.37 External Auditors and Audit Reports
601.38 Required Disclosure of Felony Charges and/or Felony Convictions
601.39 Student Tuition and Fees
601.40 Insider Threat Program
601.89 Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct
601.90 Protection from Retaliation
601.91 Clery Act Compliance
602.01 Development, Office of
602.02 Gift Acceptance
602.04 Prospect Coordination
602.05 Use and Release of Donor and Alumni Information
602.06 Alumni Directories
604.01 Departmental Record Retention for Business and Financial Records
605.01 Safety, Health and Environmental Policy
605.02 Fire/Life Safety Programs
606.01 Proper Use of Security Cameras