University Musical Society

University Musical SocietyUniversity Musical Society

Alternative Text Version of University Musical Society Organization Chart

  • Board of Directors
    • Executive Committee *
      • Finance Committee
        • Audit Sub-Committee
      • Governance Committee
        • Nominating Sub-Committee
      • Development Committee
      • Artistic Advisory Committee
      • President
    • University Musical Society President
    • Executive Assistant
    • Education and Community Engagement Director
      • Staff
    • Chief Development Director
      • Staff
    • Chief Financial Officer and Director of Admissions
      • Staff
    • Marketing and Communications Director
      • Staff
    • Choral Union Conductor
      • Staff
    • Programming/ Production Director
      • Staff

* Per UMMS By-Laws, dated June 27, 2018, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is comprised of the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the chairs of standing committees and up to (2) two additional members as appointed by the Chair. The President will serve as Ex-officio.

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October, 2020