Funeral Time

Applies to: All Regular Faculty and Staff (with the exception of those respresented by a bargaining unit)
  1. Policy

    In the case of death in an employee's immediate family, the University provides up to three days (a maximum of 24 hours) paid time off work for the employee to attend the funeral or memorial services and to make necessary arrangements. If additional time is needed, accrued vacation time, Paid Time Off, or excused absence without pay may be requested.

    1. Pay for funeral time off is at the employee's regular rate plus shift premium if applicable, and may not exceed the employee's scheduled non-overtime hours of work for those days.
    2. When death of an immediate family member occurs while an employee is on a scheduled vacation, the employee's vacation will be converted to funeral leave for the period of time for which the employee would have otherwise qualified.
  2. Definitions

    The immediate family consists of an employee's spouse or other qualified adult; the son, daughter, parent, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister (or the spouse of any of them), of either the employee, the employee's spouse, the other qualified adult or any other related person living in the employee's household.

    The definition of other qualified adult may be found at:https://hr.umich.edu/oqa.

    Procedures: https://hr.umich.edu/working-u-m/my-employment/uhr-procedures/20103-funeral-time


This policy was reviewed in January 2013.  No changes were made.

The policy was reviewed in February 2018.  No changes were made.

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Applies To
All Regular Faculty and Staff (with the exception of those respresented by a bargaining unit)
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