Applies to: All employees not covered by a collective bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    The University will make available to employees confidential consultation and mediation services to address concerns or resolve disagreements related to their employment.

  2. Definitions

    1. Consultation: individual access to an impartial third party who will listen to concerns, provide information regarding University policies and resources, and assist in identifying possible alternative methods or strategies to resolve a conflict or problem.
    2. Mediation: a voluntary, confidential, and mutual effort between two or more parties, with the assistance of an impartial third party professionally trained as a mediator, to identify a mutually acceptable resolution.
  3. Regulations

    1. Mediators do not answer complaints, define solutions, or decide for or against either party. Nor do they provide legal advice or participate in formal grievance or disciplinary proceedings.
    2. Mediation may be sought at any time if both parties to a conflict or disagreement request or agree to it. Mediation fails if the parties are unable to agree to a mutually acceptable outcome. Either party may choose to end mediation efforts at any point in the process without retaliation. When both parties in a formal grievance process request it, the time clock on the grievance procedure may be stopped for a time period satisfactory to both parties to allow for a good faith attempt to resolve the conflict or disagreement through mediation.
    3. Mediation is not an appropriate means for resolving every kind of dispute, conflict or disagreement. By way of illustration, and not limitation, mediation is not available to appeal a decision not to grant tenure or promotion; discharge from employment; discipline for serious misconduct, including illegal acts; or to investigate or respond to alleged unlawful harassment or discrimination or other legal or regulatory compliance issues.

    Resources: www.umich.edu/~mediate


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All employees not covered by a collective bargaining unit
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