Protective Clothing and Equipment

Applies to: Regular Staff
  1. Policy

    The University will provide protective clothing and equipment when required to fulfill the job requirements as determined by the University.

    When the University provides protective clothing and equipment needed for the fulfillment of job requirements, the staff member will not be required to pay for items lost due to fire or theft on University premises or other assigned work location, or due to damage or wear incurred during the performance of job requirements. Staff members are responsible for exercising reasonable care in safeguarding University property.

    The staff member will pay for University provided protective clothing and equipment lost due to fire or theft off University premises unless at an assigned work location, or when due to damage, wear or loss incurred during personal use or through malicious or careless actions. Such payment shall be considered as an act of restitution separate from and without prejudice to disciplinary action which results from malicious destruction or unauthorized possession or use of University property on or off premises.

  2. Regulations

    1. Employees will wear or use the protective clothing and equipment provided.
    2. Operating units will determine responsibility for cleaning and maintenance of protective clothing.

The policy was reviewed in February 2018.  No changes were made.

The policy was reviewed in April 2023.  No changes were made.

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