Vacation (Instructional Staff)

Applies to: Instructional Staff
  1. Policy

    The University provides regular instructional faculty with time off from work with pay for rest and personal convenience.

  2. Regulations and Definitions

    1. Eligibility and Definitions

      1. Regular instructional faculty (as defined in SPG 201.34-1) holding appointments on a twelve-month basis with more than six months of service are eligible for vacation allowance. Supplemental faculty and regular faculty holding University-year appointments are not eligible.
      2. All regular instructional faculty holding appointments on a twelve-month basis shall receive annual vacation allowances equivalent to one month in twelve. Proportional allowances are granted to appointees with six months of service but less than twelve months.
      3. Part-time regular instructional faculty members holding appointments on a twelve-month basis shall receive annual vacation allowances on a proportional basis.
      4. Vacation must be taken during the annual appointment period (i.e., during twelve-month appointment period).
      5. Vacation allowance may not exceed one month in twelve and is not cumulative.
      6. Joint appointments: Faculty members who hold any fraction of a regular instructional appointment, including 0%, and who also hold a twelve-month non-instructional appointment that makes them eligible for vacation allowance, accrue vacation under the same arrangements as regular instructional faculty with twelve-month appointments (see A.1 through A.5 above).
    2. Scheduling

      Each department is responsible for scheduling vacations in order not to interfere with the operation of the department and to ensure that each faculty member receives the appropriate vacation allowance during the appointment period. Vacations must, therefore, be scheduled to meet the instructional and research requirements of the department. However, every effort will be made to satisfy the faculty member’s request as to dates. Units that experience “slack” or “down” periods may require that vacations be taken during these times (e.g., seasonal days, recess, summer recess, etc.). When practical, staff members should be informed of such requirements in advance.

    3. Compensation for Vacation Time Off

      A faculty member who meets these regulations will receive regular compensation during time off from work.

    4. Pay in Lieu of Vacation

      Actual time off from work during the appointment period must be taken in order to receive compensation for vacation time. Payment in lieu of vacation may be approved not to exceed one month less vacation time used during the twelve-month appointment period for the following reasons only:

      1. Retirement,
      2. Start of military leave or disability leave, or
      3. Termination for any cause (e.g., resignation, layoff, dismissal, or death).
    5. Neither vacation time nor pay in lieu of vacation can be granted prior to eligibility for vacation allowance.
    6. Transfers

      Unused vacation allowance not exceeding one month will be transferred with a faculty member when the faculty member transfers from one position, budget, or operating unit to another. If a faculty member is transferred from an instructional faculty appointment to a staff appointment, a transfer of the balance based on one month less actual vacation days used during the past twelve months will be made.

    7. Vacation Benefits - Retirement Furlough

      1. Accrued vacation benefits must be exhausted prior to the initiation of a full or partial retirement furlough program. Vacation benefits not exhausted will be lost.
      2. Vacation benefits do not accrue following the initiation of a full or phased retirement program.
    8. Vacation Benefits - Maternity (childbirth) and Parental Leaves

      1. Vacation benefits do not accrue while on maternity (childbirth) leave.
      2. Vacation benefits do not accrue while on parental leave.
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