Institute of Gerontology

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  1. Policy

    The Institute of Gerontology was established jointly at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University by the Michigan State Legislature in May 1965 to develop new and improved programs for helping older people, to train persons to work in the field of aging, to conduct research related to the needs of older people and to offer community service programs in aging.

  2. Activities of interest to the University community include:

    1. Liaison function between schools and departments at the two universities in which gerontological instruction is being offered.
    2. Student counseling in the fields of aging.
    3. A national placement service in aging.
    4. Traineeships for graduate training in aging.
    5. Mid-career noncredit training programs in aging.
    6. A comprehensive library in social gerontology and related subjects for use of students, faculty and research workers.
    7. Various newsletters and statistical reports.
    8. An “Occasional Papers” series of publications.
    9. Adult education for aging including pre-retirement education and financial planning.
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