Workers’ Disability Compensation

Applies to: All Employees
  1. Overview

    The University of Michigan provides Workers’ Disability Compensation benefits for all employees who sustain injuries or occupational illnesses out of, or in the course of, employment in compliance with state law.

    Effective management of Workers’ Disability Compensation claims requires a team effort on the part of all areas of the University and benefits are administered by Work Connections, the University’s integrated disability management program. Under Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration (MIOSHA) regulations, all employers are required to log designated work-related injuries and illnesses. Risk Management Services is responsible for compiling and maintaining a log based on reports submitted by supervisors. Any requests for viewing this log by MIOSHA representatives must be directed to Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) or Risk Management Services.

  2. Regulations

    1. Reports of work-related injuries or illness should be reported immediately to the supervisor and notification to Work Connections should be completed within 24 hours.
    2. Treatment for Work-Related Injuries/Illnesses

      1. State law requires employers to provide a designated medical facility to treat employees for the first 28 days. Employees should be referred to and, if necessary, transported to the designated medical facility for treatment. Refer to www.umich.edu/~connect for information regarding designated medical facilities.
      2. At the expiration of the 28 days of treatment at the designated medical facility, an employee may treat with a licensed physician of his/her own choosing. The employee is responsible for notifying Work Connections of this decision and is responsible for providing all documentation required by law.
    3. Wage Loss Benefits and Calculation

      1. No wage loss benefits shall be paid for an injury or occupational illness which does not cause disability resulting in wage loss for a period of at least seven consecutive calendar days.
      2. If disability extends beyond the period of seven calendar days, Workers’ Disability Compensation wage loss benefits shall begin on the eighth day of disability. If disability and resulting wage loss continues for 14 calendar days or longer, or if death or dismemberment results from an injury, Workers’ Disability Compensation shall be computed from the date of injury.
      3. Employees shall use their available sick time or 10 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) in lieu of Workers’ Disability Compensation benefits. Exceptions are made consistent with the provisions outlined in some collective bargaining agreements.
      4. Upon expiration of sick time, Workers’ Disability Compensation wage loss benefits will begin. The Payroll Office will be responsible for making the Workers’ Disability Compensation benefit payments, as authorized by Work Connections.
      5. Employees represented under a collective bargaining agreement shall be required to use sick time in lieu of Workers’ Disability Compensation as stipulated in the applicable collective bargaining agreement.
      6. An employee is considered to be off sick when using sick time in lieu of Workers’ Disability Compensation benefits or using sick time to supplement Workers’ Disability Compensation benefits.
    4. Effect on Other University Benefits

      1. Retirement Plan contributions by the employee and the University are not made on payments of Workers’ Disability Compensation benefits.
      2. When an employee is not on a Leave of Absence and is receiving Workers’ Disability Compensation benefits, the Payroll Office will deduct the full premium (University and employee portion) for the employee’s other University benefits and continue convenience deductions unless specifically instructed otherwise by the employee.
      3. When an employee is on a Leave of Absence and receiving Workers’ Disability Compensation benefits, the Payroll Office will not deduct any premiums for the employee’s other University benefits. Employees must make arrangements with the Benefits Office for the payment of premiums.
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