Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Applies to: All faculty, staff, students, and visitors
  1. Policy

    The President of the University has overall responsibility for the implementation and administration of this policy. The President and his/her designee will provide management of this policy and will generate a biennial review of the institution’s alcohol and other drug program as required by law.

    The University of Michigan is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all its members. The University recognizes that the improper or excessive use of alcohol and other drugs may interfere with the University’s mission by negatively affecting the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff. It is due to the harm caused by the excessive and illegal substance use that the University has a vested interest in establishing policies that address this issue.

    This policy applies to all University of Michigan faculty, staff, students, and visitors. The University will have jurisdiction over student misconduct that occurs on University premises, as well as over student misconduct that occurs at University-sponsored activities, whether conducted on or off campus. Faculty and staff actions will be handled in accordance with applicable disciplinary policies.

  2. Regulations

    1. The University of Michigan will disseminate a copy of the UM Alcohol and Other Drug Policy for students, faculty, and staff to all employees and students on an annual basis.
    2. Michigan law prohibits the dispensing, selling or supplying of drugs or alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years old. Employees, students, faculty and campus visitors may not unlawfully manufacture, consume, possess, sell, distribute, transfer or be under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or controlled substances on University property, while driving a University vehicle or while otherwise engaged in University business. The only exception to this policy is that individuals of legal age may consume alcohol on University property in a manner consistent with University policy and State of Michigan law. University property, as defined in this policy, includes all buildings and land owned, leased, or used by the University, and motor vehicles operated by employees, including personal motor vehicles, when used in connection with work performed for or on behalf of the University. The University prohibits the storage of consumable alcohol on University property except (a) as specifically allowed in licensed locations or (b) in private residences if the storage of consumable alcohol is expressly permitted by the building use rules applicable for the location of the residence.
    3. If alcohol is to be served at any event/meeting which is not located in one of the licensed facilities on campus (Michigan League, Michigan Union, Pierpont Commons, Oxford Conference Center, Business Executive Residence, and Inglis House), the General Counsel’s frequently asked questions web page should be referenced for proper handling: https://ogc.umich.edu/frequently-asked-questions/alcohol/.
    4. Any person taking prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication is personally responsible for ensuring that while taking such drugs or medications, he or she is not a safety risk to themselves and others while on University property, while driving a University or privately owned vehicle, or while otherwise engaged in University business.
    5. All members of the campus community also are governed by laws, regulations and ordinances established by the state and local municipalities, and will be held accountable by law enforcement representatives of those entities for any illegal activity. It is the responsibility of all campus members to be aware of these laws.
    6. All employees who work in any capacity under a federal grant or contract and are convicted of violating any criminal drug statute while at the workplace or while engaged in work-related activities are required to notify their immediate supervisor within five (5) calendar days. The supervisor or department head will notify the appropriate University Human Resources office, who will consult with the appropriate staff in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs regarding satisfying the University’s reporting obligation under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.
    7. The University will conduct a biennial review of its alcohol and other drug (AOD) program as required by the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 to determine the effectiveness of, and identify and implement necessary changes to, the AOD program and to ensure that relevant standards of conduct are consistently enforced and disciplinary actions are appropriately applied.
  3. References

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