Development of University Policy

Applies to: All Departments and Units of the University

    The University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide (SPG) is the official collection of institution-wide policies and procedures for the university. Due to the diverse and specialized nature of activities at the university, the Standard Practice Guide is not intended to be the complete assembly of all the policies for the university. Local policies, such as those specific to a school, department, or unit, are not included in the Standard Practice Guide. Policies of this nature are developed and approved at the local divisional/college level, may be more restrictive than the Standard Practice Guide, but may not conflict with the university’s governing policies.

    The Office of University Audits has exclusive ability to add, change, or delete content to the Standard Practice Guide website.To maintain the integrity of the Standard Practice Guide policies and organization charts, University Audits is responsible for coordinating publication of the Standard Practice Guide and organization charts in final form and for ongoing maintenance of the SPG website.


    The university uses a consistent process and format for approving, issuing, reviewing, and maintaining all Standard Practice Guide policies. This institution-wide process is designed to provide continuity, ease of access and understanding, and transparent guidance to the university community. Generally, policy endures across time and administrations, changes infrequently, and sets the course for the foreseeable future. University policies and procedures are designed to promote official goals, objectives, best practices, and a commitment to excellence.


    1. Policy Approval, Ownership, and Administration

      The appropriate executive officer(s) must give approval for all new, changed, and decommissioned policies. This authority may be delegated. A delegation of authority by the executive officer must be on file with the Office of University Audits. The university official(s) charged with the responsibility for implementing and/or updating university policies in his/her area is the policy owner(s).

    2. Policy Updates

      At least every five years, it is the responsibility of the policy owner(s) to review, and to update policies when necessary. Each policy includes a “review date” and remains in effect even if the review date is past. The university may add, modify, or decommission policy at any time.

    3. Organization Charts

      Executive officers or their delegates are responsible for ensuring that organization charts for their area are reviewed annually and updated as necessary.

    4. Procedure for Policy and Organization Chart Development and Maintenance

      Procedures for new policy development, policy change, policy decommissioning, and organizational chart updates can be found at http://spg.umich.edu/policies/policy-development-procedures

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