Applies to: All Regular Employees with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    Individuals previously employed by the University in a benefits eligible regular full or part time position may apply for reemployment, reinstatement, or crediting of prior service under the following conditions:

    1. Rehire

      Individuals seeking rehire are subject to University employment procedures. Their previous University employment record will be reviewed and considered as part of the re-employment decision. An individual returning to regular employment at the University as a “rehire” (including a rehire eligible for reinstatement):

      1. begins with a new “Service Date” (Date of Hire) which is the first day of re-employment;
      2. will be subject to the provisions of SPG 201.43, Probationary Period (if applicable) beginning with the new service date;
      3. begins a new eligibility period for all benefit programs; and
      4. will be subject to enrollment standards in benefit programs, the same as a new hire with no prior service.
    2. Reinstatement

      A faculty or staff member who terminated employment with the University and is subsequently rehired; may be reinstated provided the individual:

      1. had a minimum of one year of continuous service as a regular employee and was recommended for rehire prior to leaving the University;
      2. returned to work within one year from the date of termination; and
      3. remains re-employed with the University for at least three continuous years.

      The faculty or staff member’s service date will be adjusted to provide the reinstatement credit for which the faculty or staff member is eligible, provided the individual applies for reinstatement following completion of three continuous years of reemployment.

      A reinstatement will have no effect on health, dental, or life insurance, and the University will make no retroactive contributions toward retirement. If the faculty or staff member is not participating in the Expanded Long Term Disability Plan, the faculty or staff member will be covered by the Basic Long Term Disability Plan, if the original benefits eligibility date was prior to September 1, 1981, once he or she has been reinstated and five years of service have accrued from the benefits eligibility date. If hired September 1, 1981, or later, only the Expanded Plan is available. The benefit eligibility date will be the same as the original service date provided a continuous regular appointment has been maintained, except for the break in service.

      A continuous regular appointment between the original service date, once reinstated, and the last day of work will be used in determining when the years of service criterion is met for retirement and service awards purposes.

    3. Credit for Prior Service

      A faculty or staff member with a break in service of more than one year may request credit for prior service [credit] for previous employment with the University provided that:

      1. The faculty or staff member had a minimum of one year of continuous previous service as a regular faculty or staff member.
      2. The break in service is greater than one year.
      3. The length of the break was less than the length of service prior to termination.
      4. The faculty or staff member has completed 10 years of current continuous University service. Credit for prior service will be used in determining eligibility for retirement and service awards only. Crediting of prior service will have no effect on any other University benefits.

      A faculty or staff member may elect the credit for prior service option, or the reinstatement option only once.

    To retire with benefits requires a benefit eligible appointment. Please see SPG 201.83, Retirement, or consult with the Benefits Office.

  2. Procedure

    Locate the Reinstatement or Credit for Prior Years of Service Form at this location: http://hr.umich.edu/hrris/forms/allforms.html.

    1. Complete the form
    2. Submit it for review according to the directions listed at the bottom of the form

July 28, 2016, updated link to Procedure.

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