Non-Appointment Related University Compensation

Applies to: All Faculty and Staff
  1. Policy

    Appointment as a full-time faculty or staff member generally precludes other employment at the University. Compensation for full-time appointments will cover all responsibilities to the University, including teaching, research, administrative and supervisory duties or other professional activities. Non-appointment related compensation may be approved for services which are clearly above and beyond those services which are associated with the faculty or staff member’s regular duties.

  2. Regulations and Definitions

    1. It is the responsibility of the funding unit to assure that the faculty or staff member is eligible to engage in employment or provide supplemental services in addition to their regular appointment. Such assurance should always be obtained from the administrative department prior to any agreement being reached with the individual providing the service. It is the responsibility of the individual providing the service and the administrative unit to assure compliance with SPG 201.65-1, “Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment,” and any additional unit implementation policies relative to conflict of interest and conflict of commitment.
    2. Any instructional faculty member who wishes to do work for University compensation in any unit - when that work falls outside the responsibilities of their regular appointment(s) - should consult with the appropriate dean or unit head beforehand.
    3. If the activity is a continuing one, arrangements should be made to provide the staffing by making fractional secondary appointments as part of the staff member’s regular appointment.
    4. If the non-appointment activity is outside the major unit, but entails closely related duties, the compensation should not exceed the individual’s current rate of compensation.
    5. Exclusions:
      1. Non-appointment compensation may not be used for staff members performing their regular duties or closely related duties within the staff member’s major unit.
      2. Other than in some limited exceptions, payments to non-exempt staff should be included in the calculation of overtime consistent with FLSA standards.
    6. Career Family Classification staff and members of a collective bargaining group absent from their regular position while performing supplemental services for another unit must record such absences consistent with acceptable practices for the appropriate time report. They may elect to use accrued vacation time in addition to the non-appointment compensation, or they may request excused absence without pay.

Procedures: http://wolverineaccess.umich.edu/, PeoplePay


December 2023, updated with related link to Additional Pay Resources

July 2018:  Reviewed with no changes

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All Faculty and Staff
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