Performance Management

Applies to: Regular Staff with the exception of those covered by the terms of a collective bargaining agreement
  1. Policy

    Performance management is a system, not a single annual event. The primary purpose of a performance management system is to align performance to University objectives and achieve results. High levels of performance are achieved through clarification of expectations by managers, employee commitment and engagement, monitoring behavior and outcomes, provision of necessary resources, on-going feedback and planning for continuous development.

  2. Regulations

    Staff members will be evaluated prior to completion of their probationary period as discussed in Standard Practice Guide 201.43, Probationary Period.

    Staff members should be evaluated periodically to summarize demonstrated, job-relevant skills, abilities and performance in relation to the requirements of the assigned position.

  3. Discussion

    Managers should ensure staff members understand how their work relates to the mission, vision, values, and goals of the University as well as their unit. Additionally, managers should define the competencies (skills, knowledge, and abilities) needed to excel in the position. Periodic work planning discussions between managers and staff members clarify goals and expectations and aid in establishing plans for developing competencies needed for current or future assignments, often documented using a work planning template.

    Throughout the year, coaching and feedback discussions recognize a job well done, and provide guidance, direction, and correction as needed. More formal meetings to reflect on past accomplishments, identify potential barriers, discuss changes in priorities, and identify plans for going forward may also periodically be held. A performance review/appraisal document is often used to document and summarize what was discussed in these sessions.


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Regular Staff with the exception of those covered by the terms of a collective bargaining agreement
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