Vacation (Instructional Staff)

Applies to: Instructional Staff

I.  Policy

The University provides regular instructional faculty with time off from work with pay for rest and personal convenience.

II. Regulations and Definitions

A.  Eligibility and Definitions


Employment of Non-U.S. Citizens

Applies to: All faculty and staff
  1. Policy

    The International Center is responsible for the preparation and approval of all employment related immigration application documents before submission to government agencies, and provides assistance to hiring units in applying for the proper employment related immigration status for faculty and staff.


International Services, Programs and Responsibilities

Applies to: All faculty and staff on the Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses


In carrying out their mission and assigned responsibilities, the international services offices on the three campuses promote and facilitate international education and intercultural learning at the University of Michigan (U-M) by providing information, services, and programs for:


Termination of Employment

Applies to: Regular Faculty and Staff


The termination date is the day after the last day on which a staff member worked.  If the staff member is on a leave of absence, the termination date is the date of cancellation or expiration of that leave, whichever occurs first.

Unused Vacation/Paid Time Off (PTO) time:


Cash Management Policies

Applies to: All Departments and Units of the University
  1. Purpose:

    The University of Michigan faces multiple risks related to cash, cash equivalents, and checks that are received by departments and units, the greatest of which is loss or theft of funds.  The best way to mitigate this risk is to have funds deposited in a university bank


Employment of Minors

Applies to: All employees
  1. Policy

    Every individual under the age of 18, except for those in a volunteer status, who has not graduated from high school is considered a minor and must have a working permit on or before the first day of work in order to perform work at the University.  Fourteen years of age is the minimum age for legal employment.  

  2. Regulations

A.      Age standards 

1.       Work permits are divided into two categories: 


Parking and Transportation Services

Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors

General Information

Parking and Transportation Services has been established to provide University faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors with safe, reliable, clean and efficient parking and transportation services.


Summer Appointments - UM Ann Arbor

Applies to: Tenure Track Faculty
  1. Policy

    Tenure track faculty with University-Year (nine-month) appointments are obligated to provide services for a nine-month period. The nine-month period is comprised of two terms, each of which is four months in length, and one month of scholarly non-teaching time.


Remote Location Pay and Reimbursement of Dependent Relocation Costs

Applies to: Regular employees with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    Whenever University staff members are required to establish a temporary residence at a remote work location for extended periods of time, they will be eligible for remote location compensation and/or reimbursement for transportation costs incurred when the spouse and minor children accompany them.